Dec. 21 2015

An emotional 100th film.

I posted a while back about shooting my 100th wedding film, well now here is the final edit of said 100th film! This was a wedding I'll never forget. It's easy, after 100+ films now, to step in to a wedding day and have my expectations already set. Go in, this type of room, shoot this way, get in dress, first look, set up ceremony, shoot ceremony, details, dancing... etc.... But within the first few minutes of being in the room I instantly knew there was going to be something different at this wedding. Kat's story infected the day with so much emotion it was hard to not get teary eyed behind the camera. I appreciate when couples are this open and vulnerable on their wedding day, it adds a weight to our job knowing the importance of capturing these memories.

That being said, we let a lot of 'imperfections' in to this film. Camera zooms, focusing, shots not exposed right, challenging audio... things we try and rid our films of to sanitize them and polish them up. But a first pass at this film, I realized how many moments i was missing by doing that. It was a great reminder, to get back to the WHY behind making wedding films. As we pass 100 and on to the next 100, it's good to remind ourselves as wedding film makers of these things.

I dare you to watch this film and not feel. Thank you Kat, and thank you Justin. This is one we'll remember for a while.

Way Up North Stockholm Event Film Sean and Anneka - Brush Creek Ranch Wedding

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