Dec. 21 2015

An emotional 100th film.

I posted a while back about shooting my 100th wedding film, well now here is the final edit of said 100th film! This was a wedding I'll never forget. It's easy, after 100+ films now, to step in to a wedding day and have my expectations already set. Go in, this type of room, shoot this way, get in…

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Nov. 11 2015

Sean and Anneka - Brush Creek Ranch Wedding

It was such an honor to spend 3 days with Sean and Anneka's family at Brush Creek ranch in Wyoming! A combination of culture, scenery and the most epic ranch we've ever been to, makes this one of our favorite films to date!

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Oct. 30 2015

Jul. 06 2015

Patrick and Reema

Our first film of 2015 is out and we're so pumped about it! It's our first wedding we've shot with the new Samsung NX1. There are many things to love about this camera, and a few things that have been headaches along the way. But all in all we're still so stoked that our whole team is now using…

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Feb. 19 2015

Meet Our Illustrator, Amy

For a while now we've pursued ways of having creative and engaging covers to our films. We wanted a way to take the personalities and character of each couple and put that in to an illustration that would represent the film, and represent the couple. Thanks to the wonderful talents of Amy Bruns…

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Jan. 20 2015

Meet Micah

Growing a strong team is difficult. It's definitely been an interesting journey these past few years as we've grown to find film-makers who are not only talented and have a strong work ethic, but are also full of integrity. There's so much to be said about the process of making a film, not just the…

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Jan. 08 2015

Meet Daniel

We are so proud to be introducing Daniel Routh to the Velare team. Daniel has been a part of our team for a year now, traveling and second shooting a lot for us. He has grown immensely and we are so proud to have him on as an associate film maker. Daniel has been a photographer and director in his…

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Jan. 07 2015

Story and the Technician

Happy New Year! We're really pumped to be announcing 'Story and the Technician', a wedding cinematography workshop. This has been on our hearts for a long time and we are stoked to see it come to fruition! We will be doing a small tour of one day workshops in 2015, currently scheduled in Big Sur,…

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Dec. 02 2014

Welcome to the New Velare

It's a funny thing, this job: Wedding Cinematography. Depending on who you are, the combination of those two words can mean many different things to you. It's now been almost four years since this daydream began: taking a creative hobby and turning it in to a business. But here we still are. We've…

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Oct. 01 2014

Zhouning – Lin – La Jolla, CA

There are many challenges with film making, challenges you learn to overcome and they just become a part of your process. But changing what language a film is in, especially when I do not speak that language, was a new and exciting challenge. Nina and Lin had an amazing and beautiful story and we…

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