Jun. 23 2016

Pui-Yuk and Remi, Thailand wedding film

"Life is like the ocean, full of waves, ebbing and flowing, never completely smooth, and you are my moon. When the tides are high, and even when the tides are low, i will support you unconditionally…” // So incredibly excited to share with you the wedding film of Pui-Yuk and Remi from Thailand. This was such an incredible journey to go on such an honor to document their love. Pui-Yuk and Remi are incredibly talented wedding film makers from Amsterdam, and I was so nervous about making the RIGHT film for them. Thank you for this honor you guys, and for trusting me with your precious memories. Also a huge thanks to Calen for making the long journey with me. Those memories, and this film, would not be the same without you.

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