Jan. 18 2016

Way Up North Stockholm Event Film

This past Fall we had the privilege of going to Stockholm to make a film for Way Up North. We've been sitting on it for a bit but am stoked to finally be able to share it with everyone today! When Cole and Jakob at Nordica Photography first emailed me I was floored, I've been such a huge fan of their photography for a while and was so honored they'd ask me to come make this film. Shooting in Stockholm was a blast, and getting to meet and hear these ridiculously talented photographers who presented is definitely a memory I'll not soon forget. Thanks Jonas Peterson, Jasmine Star, Ed Peers, Andria Lindquist, Fer Juaristi, Samm Blake, Ben and Erin Chrisman, James Moes, Nessa K and Rock 'n Roll Bride for all giving your talents and thoughts to this piece.

Jacqueline and Kelly Lenox, MA Wedding Film An emotional 100th film.

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