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2016/17 Workshop Info

Welcome to Story and the Technician, a wedding cinematography workshop focused on the technical craft of producing beautiful, high-end wedding films. We hear the term 'storyteller' a lot in our industry these days with a lot of emphasis on 'story' and maybe a distracted, impatient glance at 'teller'. What is more important: the story or how you tell it? Wedding cinematography is a unique type of storytelling unlike any other. It combines documentary, narrative, and art in a way that no other cinema disciplines do. It is not a craft that can be mastered simply with a quick read and a camera purchase, but through hours behind the camera, hours in front of the computer, a lot of trial and a whole lot of error.

Over the past years here at VELARE, we've put in a lot of miles chasing the perfect wedding film and have much on our heart to share. This year we will be doing a tour of workshops designed to give you new tools in your toolbox and grow your technical storytelling skills. Story and the Technician is a one-day, lecture-based workshop, covering topics from finding the right clients to final delivery and everything in between. Our hope is not that you will leave this workshop and have (finally) arrived as the storyteller you've always wanted to be. Our hope is that we can help point you in the right direction on your journey and equip you to better and more effectively pursue this worthy craft of wedding cinematography.

For more information on the topics covered at Story and the Technician, or to pre-register for one of our 2016 workshops, please fill out the form below. We're not coming to your neck of the woods? Tell us where we should go next!









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1-On-1 Sessions


Can't make it to one of our workshops? We now offer 1 on 1 sessions that are designed to pack a lot of information in a short amount of time. Much like our one-day workshops, we will focus on the technical craft of producing high-end wedding films, from planning to delivering and everything in between. Each session can be customized based on your needs, so let us know what you'd like to know!

  • 1 hour in person or Skype session
  • 2 film reviews
  • Brand evaluation
  • Session Summary PDF is emailed to you
  • Follow-up questions are welcome
  • $150 for additional hour
  • 25% off code for one-day workshop
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